Hey, I'm Éinín.

Yes, it's Irish. It means "little bird" and it's pronounced "AY-neen," but if you speak Japanese, you can think of it as being pronounced 「エイニン」 which is also correct. I'm a 23 year old amateur web designer (not developer, please do not ask me any programming questions, I will actually cry) artist, and roleplayer; I'm also, much more importantly, the internet's #1 Moira O'Deorain enthusiast.

My interests on the computer include watching esports (#JusticeIsServed), talking about video games (and not actually playing them,) and making repeated attempts at learning Javascript that frequently end in tears. My interests away from the computer include things like reading, language learning (Irish and Japanese... imagine that!) and eating mozzarella sticks.

Right now, my main interests are Overwatch (and specifically Moira O'Deorain, see below) and the Paramount+ series Players. Please watch it and talk to me about it.

I like to design defictionalized webpages because I think it's silly and fun. I'm in the process of updating all my work to be a little more modern— I've been coding for more than half of my life at this point and some of my methodologies are a little... dated. But that doesn't mean you can't look at what I've done and enjoy it for what it is!

My Work

  • Moira's Website — A website full of defictionalized webpages I made for Moira O'Deorain from Overwatch. It includes a page for the Ministry of Genetics and a Talon Dossier with all of my headcanons in one place. It's basically my show bible for fanfiction and roleplaying.
  • Roleplayer.info — An advanced version of the Cherp Alternatives page below that contains comprehensive, detailed information about different places to roleplay on the internet. Not just where to find partners or places to roleplay, but in-depth guides on how to use them, as well as cultural notes, best practices, etc. It is, to say the least, an extreme work in progress.
  • Quality of Life Fixes for Cherp.chat — a compilation of some simple CSS fixes to make the roleplaying website cherp.chat just a little bit more usable on desktop, utilizing the Stylus browser extension. It hasn't updated in a while and likely won't update again.
  • Cherp Alternatives — A list of places to roleplay instead of Cherp with some brief information about how to use each-- the precursor to Roleplaying Online. Written in a weekend when Cherp went down and the downtime was believed to be indefinite (thankfully, it wasn't.)

Where to Find Me

The quickest and most effective way to reach me will always be through Tumblr— you should always be able reach me at my blog at heyeinin, anonymously or otherwise. I can also be reached by Discord at girlie#5051.

You can feel free to message me about anything— regular questions, comments, concerns, coding help (though I may not be of much use,) inquiries about commissions for coding or art (or writing, I guess,) but you must know that I might not have a good answer or any answer at all. I'm kind of notorious for that sort of thing.